Low Cost, Small Size, High-Performance Air-Vacuum Excavation System

Now You Can Pothole With Air Without Digging a Hole in Your Pocket!

VACMASTERS, offering high quality air-vacuum excavation trucks for sale, has made underground utility locating equipment more affordable than ever. The VACMASTERS SYSTEM 1000 is a trailer or truck-mounted system that also has water on board. With the SYSTEM 1000, you can dig effectively in any kind of soil, using air 95% of the time.


Vacmasters system 1000


SYSTEM 1000 Benefits

Selectable Air or Water Digging

    Allows crews to use air 95% of the time, with water available when needed.
    Effective digging in all soil conditions.

Skid Mount Design

    Allows installation on a trailer or truck.

Cost Effective

    Low initial cost, low operating cost.

Single-Engine Design

    Powerful John Deere diesel engine drives all systems: vacuum, air and water.
    One engine to operate and maintain.
    Quality components mean readily available service.

2-Stage Cyclonic Filtration System with Particulate Element

    Highly effective for wet or dry applications.
    Fast and easy cleaning.
    Washable Poly filter.

Hydraulic-Powered Dumping

    Quick, easy emptying of large 300-gallon or optional 500-gallon spoils tank.

Supervisory Control Panel

    Automatic monitoring of all systems with auto-shut-down allows a 2-man crew to operate the system.

Remote Operation

    Operate up to 200 feet away for areas difficult to access. Our optional Barrel-Top Interceptor keeps the spoils at the digging site.

Quiet Operation

    High efficiency absorption chamber silencer and enclosed power head minimize noise levels enabling you to be a good neighbor.

Low-Maintenance Design

    Monitor and maintain oil levels, follow recommended checks and adjustments, and occasionally clean the polyester filter -- that's it!

Additional Benefits of Potholing with Air

    Digs faster than water in most soils
    Collected spoils remain dry for fast, efficient backfilling
    Eliminates mud disposal problems
    Safer for utilities and operator
    Air won't damage roadbase


    High-quality paint combined with bead blasted metal surfaces means fast, easy clean-up and a machine that will look good for years.

Our Promise

When you invest in a VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavation System, we promise to go above and beyond what you would customarily expect and provide you with unmatched customer service and support throughout the life of your system! We take great pride in assuring our customers' satisfaction — from their initial phone call, to the delivery of their system. With every order, we will send one of our trained technicians to your location to spend two days working with your people, training them in the operation and maintenance of your new VACMASTERS system.

One of our customers was so pleased with his experience with VACMASTERS that he felt compelled to leave an anonymous voice-mail after hours. Here is what he had to say: "…Just over a year ago we purchased a SYSTEM 4000 from VACMASTERS and it has far exceeded everyone's expectations. On top of that, your customer service has been top notch… We would recommend you to anybody."

We strive to make sure every customer feels this same way. Most importantly, we are here when you need us and are only a freephone call away for sales, support or service.

The VACMASTERS range of systems are available in New Zealand.

 Contact Paul Herbison on 027 290 8306 or Freephone 0800 278742 - or send him an email


Please note: Images on this website show Vacmasters systems mounted on American trucks. Vacmasters systems sold in NZ are mounted on suitable locally available trucks.

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